Radon Action Week

Home owners everywhere will likely need to be made aware of the dangers around them during Radon Action Week. Radon is estimated to affect as many as one in fifteen homes in the United States, so it is a particularly widespread problem. There are many people who may have elevated radon levels in their home, but may not even realize it. It can be important to get your home tested for these different radon issues, which can help you decide if you would like to take action sometime soon. Many people will be interested in finding out more about Radon Action Week, which is slated to take place between October 20th and 26th. Check out some sites offering information during Radon Action Week.

First, you might be wondering why people have decided to create this expansive awareness campaign for Radon Action Week. Some people might not realize just how dangerous radon gas can be to their health, but this is the message provided by Radon Action Week. 

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It has been estimated that radon can be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, behind only smoking. This means that it contributes to a substantial number of deaths that occur in the country, which is emphasized during Radon Action Week. Some people will want to learn more about this gas during Radon Action Week. Others will want to observe Radon Action Week to educate themselves about how to test and control radon in their homes.

If you suspect that you may have radon present in your home, you will need to seek out professional assistance as soon as you can through Radon Action Week. You might notice that your home smells strange, which could be an indication that you have radon gas present. Other people will note that they are simply getting sick more often. This could be a big warning sign that radon levels are increasing in your home. This could be happening, because radon is a gas that can easily seep upwards from the top soil that is underneath the foundation of your home. Officials during Radon Action Week will be providing more information about these services. You may want to contact sources that are being promoted during Radon Action Week. Remember that Radon Action Week is being held in the third week of October.


When you check out some of the different radon teams in your area, try to find one that has experience evaluating radon levels. Some people may be interested in checking out whether they can get an official test conducted. The team will be able to measure radon gas levels and tell you whether you should do anything to decrease them. There are actually many tools that can be used to accomplish this, which you can find during Radon Action Week. You can have radon mitigation kits that can remove radon from the air and from the tap water. This can help make sure that your radon gas levels are gradually decreasing over time.

Finally, stay updated on information about the annual Radon Action Week in your area. There are many agencies that will be involved with Radon Action Week. Both governmental organizations and commercial companies will distribute information for home owners during Radon Action Week. If you happen to miss the events held during Radon Action Week, you can always review some websites from these agencies.

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